Bailouts and Favors – Covid-19 Money

A favorite term of our current government is “monetize the debt”. Think about that statement for a brief moment. On the surface, it could be dismissed (and usually is) by ‘non-finance’ people as too convoluted to understand. Monetizing the debt is simply, turning debt into income. By this, of course, it means to have the Federal Reserve create money and the Government to spend the money on things like ‘infrastructure’.… Read More »Bailouts and Favors – Covid-19 Money

Bitcoin vs The World

A stunning amount of people in the world have no idea how money works, or what properties constitute a real money. People that have been ‘in the gold world’ for many years are in the right place – removing power from government to abuse the population through money creation is the ultimate goal. A finite money supply makes inflation obsolete. Inflation is a side effect of a central issuer creating… Read More »Bitcoin vs The World

Socialism is Destructive

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The biggest advocates for socialism through history have failed to understand that socialistic economies have a failure rate of 100%, and no less. It is provably only possible for socialism to exist as a welfare state inside of a capitalistic society. Socialism creates a divide in society by attempting to create an environment of equality for all. To accomplish this, the state takes it upon themselves to centrally plan every… Read More »Socialism is Destructive

Trickle Down Economics

When discussing Bitcoin with people, I often hear arguments of early investors being too rich, or that financial equality is instantly off of the table in a Bitcoin based world. This is similar to someone saying if they invested early into Amazon or Tesla, them selling their stocks is unfair because they have a financial advantage in the marketplace over other participants.   In a Keynesian economic world (the one… Read More »Trickle Down Economics

Forced Investing

The driving factor of innovation in technology is to improve the human condition. We transform trees into toilet paper instead of using leaves for comfort and convenience. We’ve created farming and animal husbandry to streamline production of food and horses for travel, then trains, cars and airplanes. We have mobile phones for convenience and education, relaxation and validation, beautifully packed into a tiny brick to satisfy most needs at our… Read More »Forced Investing

The Banks Decide Everything

When the money supply is increased, you get screwed. The world currently runs on US Dollars as the world reserve currency. When the Federal Reserve, which is the central bank of the United States, creates more US Dollars, it has several underlying psychological knock on effects on the users of that currency, like that subconsciously we all know our dollar will buy less in the future, so we don’t save… Read More »The Banks Decide Everything

The Declaration of Monetary Independence

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A compilation of posts from @CitizenBrady on Twitter re-wording The Declaration of Independence to include monetary independence from the state offered by a Bitcoin standard. I thought the idea was pretty cool, so I wanted to dedicate a post on this site to it. The Declaration of Monetary Independence In Consensus of the undersigned, April 18, 2020. In unanimous Declaration of the decentralized Nodes of Bitcoin, When in the course… Read More »The Declaration of Monetary Independence

You Don’t Make Money

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There is too muchmoney supply That is why there is growinginequality Too much money makes everything costmore The problem is YOU do not create themoney BANKS do create money, and you get to pay % touse it And money costs nothing for them tocreate Buy #bitcoin —iggiduckets // ₿💵💶💴💷 (@iggiduckets) April15, 2020 There is too much money supply. This is why there is growing inequality. Too much money in the… Read More »You Don’t Make Money

Federal Reserve Note Blues

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The Federal Reserve is the buyer in the market in. The buyer, meaning they are buying everything in the market to prevent the market from imploding, and they also happen to be the people who print the money to buy those things. Neil Kashkari from the Federal Reserve Minneapolis and the Bank of England have both said that they have “Unlimited money”, Jerome Powell has said “When it comes to… Read More »Federal Reserve Note Blues

Terms and Conditions of Freedom

We, the people, have exported and outsourced our freedoms for comforts. We enjoy social media gatherings and GPS location apps because they improve our life experience. We put pictures of ourselves online in an attempt to connect with others, and I’m sure most of us have old YouTube videos posted up that we aren’t necessarily ‘proud’ of from a more creative and youthful version of ourselves. It’s not a secret… Read More »Terms and Conditions of Freedom