An interested observer of governmental and central banking roles in finance, I chose to create this site as a resource for others. Mainly to assist people in accepting Bitcoin for payments, but also to share thoughts about economics and finance. I don’t have any degrees or certificates, nor do I work in finance. I am a self educated Austrian economist, and I find the psychology of economic markets fascinating. I believe that separating state from money is the solution to most societal problems that people are divided about today, not realizing that ‘bad money’ is the root cause of, and enables most, bad actors to achieve personal gain at the expense of the masses due to the incentive structure of a centralized money issuer. I share my thoughts here, through this website, in hopes of educating others who are interested about the potentials of financial freedom Bitcoin may offer them.

The Federal Reserve is the Central Bank of the United States, and is a ‘separate entity’ from the US Government, but  both entities have worked together continually since 1913. Because of this, our current financial system (1971-2020) is suffering from mal-investment, unsustainable budget deficits and lack of good financial leadership that has been enabled by 100 years of central banking intervention. We live in an era where money is created from nothing, backed by nothing and accepted globally. To be valuable, money must be scarce (among other things), otherwise rocks and sand would be choice currencies and everyone would be rich.

Economics is simply the study of supply and demand, though today the field of economics seems too complicated to understand. Money is intentionally confusing because the finance industry was constructed to be confusing. Presidents through history have warned of the dangers of central banking, and now we are all subject to what our non-elected, central bank funded leaders decide. The Federal Reserve Central Bank has killed free market capitalism and democracy simultaneously, and since the government got us into this position, it’s the job of us, the citizens, to find a better way for ourselves. Asking the government to fix what they broke is not the solution to the vacuum of wealth that exists from the poor to the rich.

Money should make sense, and saving your (time/money) should be easy.

Bitcoin fixes this.