Accept Bitcoin for your Business

Welcome to the future of financial freedom.

It feels oh, so sweet.

Abolish Fees

With an increase in direct deposit payments, debit cards, and credit cards, fewer and fewer people are using cash and checks for transactions. When making a debit/credit card payment to a business, many customers are surprised to find the business is charging a credit card convenience fee of 3% or more.

These high fees are ours to pay for the privilege of using the Visa/Mastercard network, and can be even higher for other cards like AmEx and Discover. Most businesses either pay for this fee, or charge the customer a separate cash vs card rate, which disincentivizes customers to continue visiting that business.

Accepting payments on the Bitcoin network is so cheap, it’s nearly free for everyone to use, anytime. All fees for transacting on the Bitcoin network go directly to the network miners who encrypt and secure the network. So instead of paying 3%+ and padding the pockets of the credit card companies and banks, you’re directly contributing to the security of where your funds are held – and saving on fees – at the same time.

Beautiful, simple, strong.

Borderless Payments

Transact with anyone, anywhere, anytime. When using the Bitcoin network, the only requirement to send a transaction is your mnemonic phrase, or ‘seed phrase’ and you can send your money 24/7/365 to any website, any country, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin is protected by 256SHA cryptography and is the most secure money network on the planet. The network was launched on January 3rd, 2009, and has experienced 99.98499…% uptime since then ( Banks close every weekend and holiday, and are at risk of closing completely and not returning depositor funds. That’s a lot of trust in 3rd parties.

Bitcoin fixes this by separating 3rd parties from you and your money. Using Bitcoin does not require SSN, DOB, Name, Address, or any personal identifying information! Anyone, anywhere, anytime can transact on the Bitcoin network if they want to, and nobody can stop payments being made for any reason.

It’s like a bank account, but better.

End Monopoly Money

The Federal Reserve is the sole entity in charge of issuing the monopoly money that we currently use, the US Dollar. The Federal Reserve was created with the purpose of ‘maintaining the purchasing power of the currency’, and they failed terribly. Take a quick look at the chart at the bottom of this page.

This happens by expanding the money supply. When America was founded in 1776, we used a Gold standard to back our currency. By relying on hard money, the quality of living improved for everyone, prices were lower every year, and by saving now you knew you would have more purchasing power in the future. By printing money backed by nothing, or ‘inflation’ of the supply, purchasing power is being directly stolen from your savings. Don’t forget about the required tax payments for using that currency. This is basically 2 taxes!

21,000,000 Bitcoins will ever exist. The math in the code transparently displays financial policy of the network. Money needs to be scare to hold value.

Your time on this planet is finite, and you should store your value in the most scarce thing in existence – Bitcoin.

Bitcoin fixes all of this.

If you are interested in accepting Bitcoin for your business, check out BTCPayServer and do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.