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Bailouts and Favors – Covid-19 Money

A favorite term of our current government is “monetize the debt”. Think about that statement for a brief moment. On the surface, it could be dismissed (and usually is) by ‘non-finance’ people as too convoluted to understand. Monetizing the debt is simply, turning debt into income. By this, of course,…

Bitcoin vs The World

A stunning amount of people in the world have no idea how money works, or what properties constitute a real money. People that have been ‘in the gold world’ for many years are in the right place – removing power from government to abuse the population through money creation is…

Socialism is Destructive

The biggest advocates for socialism through history have failed to understand that socialistic economies have a failure rate of 100%, and no less. It is provably only possible for socialism to exist as a welfare state inside of a capitalistic society. Socialism creates a divide in society by attempting to…

Trickle Down Economics

When discussing Bitcoin with people, I often hear arguments of early investors being too rich, or that financial equality is instantly off of the table in a Bitcoin based world. This is similar to someone saying if they invested early into Amazon or Tesla, them selling their stocks is unfair…

Forced Investing

The driving factor of innovation in technology is to improve the human condition. We transform trees into toilet paper instead of using leaves for comfort and convenience. We’ve created farming and animal husbandry to streamline production of food and horses for travel, then trains, cars and airplanes. We have mobile…

The Banks Decide Everything

When the money supply is increased, you get screwed. The world currently runs on US Dollars as the world reserve currency. When the Federal Reserve, which is the central bank of the United States, creates more US Dollars, it has several underlying psychological knock on effects on the users of…

Why ₿itcoin?

The Dollar has been weaponized

Central banks, utilizing fractional reserve banking, solely determine who has access to the banking system. Banks are able to distribute wealth globally by adding sanctions specific countries (banning from trade), collecting and selling our personal private data, determining who is or is not credit worthy based on positivist requirements and deciding which communities and business ideas deserve funding above others. Central banks contribute the most to creating inequalities than any other organization on the planet. Banks have been caught dozens of times laundering money, participating in trafficking and other illegal activities, and get away with it by paying fractions of what they earn in the form of fines. On top of taking money from their clients through fees and taxes, when banks issue more money than they have available, they simply ‘create’ more to cover the deficit – also called ‘counterfeiting’. When the supply of money increases, the value decreases. Inflation is another form of taxation.

Capitalism is being socialized

America was founded in 1776 as a free market capitalist society. The founding fathers have often been quoted stating the dangers of central banking. Central Banks create and contribute to most all inequalities and inconsistencies in society through money creation. By having direct control of the issuance of money, the rich are favored before everyone else, and able to stay rich at the expense of the working class who create the economy. Through history, this has always led to the downfall of the most extractive civilizations. Due to such extreme inequalities, frustrated citizens in the US are demanding – of their governments – more money creation, state subsidized assistance programs and more market regulations. The US dollar will continue to lose value as this continues to accelerate, and any money you save for your future is at risk of being stolen via inflation. With the value in the dollar being lost over time, we are serfs in a system that serves the siphoned wealth from the masses to the few, and financial regulations are likely to tighten, only to serve the people closest to the newly created capital (money printer).

Value Your Time & Protect Your Value

The money we use defines how we live. The time we have on this planet is finite, and the money that we use should be as valuable as our time. The Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of the United States, has proven several times – they will bow to corporate and political influence to keep bad actors in positions of power through money creation. Politics has become entirely financialized. The leadership of the United States no longer represents the interests of the citizens of the United States, but the interest of the elite. Financial markets have become completely separate from the real economy thanks to central banking. Billionaires only exist because trillions of dollars exist.


The biggest struggle for today’s and future generations is paying back the debt that our government has borrowed on the citizens behalf. Every dollar created today is borrowed from tomorrow. Several countries around the world have suffered from a currency collapse, and our government is doing the same actions as those countries. America’s founding fathers warned of this over 300 years ago. Countless examples through history have proven this to be a recipe for disaster for the citizens of the country involved.

Civilized industrial societies require the incentives that Capitalism offers to be able function. Private property rights, freedom in market exchange and sound money are the per-conditions of economic calculation as proven by Ludwig von Mises. Sound money has 5 qualities: durable, portable, divisible, fungible and scarce – Bitcoin embodies all of this.

Bitcoin Fixes . . .

The Bitcoin Network is balanced to incentivize real, human innovation. New coins are issued when computing power solves a complex algorithm. By requiring energy be used to create new money, the value of that money cannot be stolen through inflation through creation, or given directly to corporations or political parties unless it has been honestly earned. As the new coins are mined, the network is simultaneously verifying and securing all transaction history under 256-SHA encryption. By securing the network, it’s guaranteed that nobody can access your funds unless they hold your keys. If you lose your own keys, you can’t access your own money.  That’s serious security.

KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) banking practices hurt consumers. By enforcing policies that collect data from everyone who uses a currency, banks and companies are putting citizens’ personal and private information at risk. Credit card companies, banks, grocery stores and credit rating agencies have all had customer information stolen from them. When we use a debit card, we share our First and Last name, Date of Birth, Address and other personally identifiable information every time we pay. When this information is compromised, the consumer is harmed and the company is largely unaffected.

By accepting Bitcoin for payments, your business has 0 fraud liability or charge back risk, you are not subject to banking fees and you do not need to collect customer information to process a transaction. If someone wants to pay for goods at your business, they aren’t required to be approved for access to the US banking system. When you accept Bitcoin for your business, you are voting for equality by entering your business to accept payments on the global stage.


If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out for any reason.

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